Teachers’ Day Online

Come ogni anno gli insegnanti del gruppo British School Group si riuniscono per le due giornate di formazione didattica, interverranno tra gli altri:

  • Ory Schiavi:  BSG Head Didactic Coordinator
  • Nathan Eddon: DOS –  BSG SanGiovanni and Didactic Coordinator
  • Robert Smith: DOS – BSG Bologna and Didactic Coordinator
  • Manuela Pizzale: BSG Coordinator
  • Donatella Fitzgerald: Pearson ELT Sales Manager
  • Christopher Gritton:(Educational Consultant for Oxford University Press in Lazio and Abruzzo)
  • Lindsay Warwick: is a teacher, trainer and materials writer. Lindsay is co-author of Pearson’s new general English series Roadmap A2 and A2+, as well as several other books including Expert IELTS 6, Gold Preliminary B1 and Gold Experience B1 and B2+.
  • Dan Akidil: spent over eight years as an English language teacher, teaching in Germany, Turkey and the UK. Throughout this time he also regularly taught online classes. Dan is now Commissioning Editor of Exams courses at Cambridge University Press following five years working in ELT Publishing. He has worked on the courses Mindset for IELTS, Complete and the new course Open World.
  • Fabio Galvanini: After an MA degree in Asian Studies and Applied Linguistics, Fabio taught English for about 10 years in India, England and Spain. Since he’s started working with Cambridge in 2014, he’s been involved in providing support, training and guidance to teachers and Schools across Italy.
  • Sarah Ellis is currently working as Senior Manager, Assessment Services, Italy for Cambridge Assessment English. She is based in Bologna Sarah is interested in Assessment, Learning & Professional Development and has an extensive background in teaching, teacher training, assessment and exam management. She has trained teachers on CELTA and DELTA courses and is currently is involved in the Cambridge Assessment English teacher support programme which provides information, materials and support for teachers and academic directors. She is particularly interested in supporting teachers in developing digital skills and assessment literacy.